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Silverton, Oregon

The drive down the Oregon Pacific Coast was spectacular! Winding roads through tall pine forests, speckled with spots of a light drizzle rain. The drive was peaceful and relaxing!


Upon arriving in Silverton, I started to realise that our trip was soon coming to an end. I had to face the realities of returning home to a bleak and insanely busy lifestyle back home with work. So I had to make the most of my time while on holiday!

We took several long walks in the rain in the forest having talks, and I ended up taking many more solo walks just to make some of my own self-discoveries as well.

All in all, it was an amazing getaway that enabled me to find more of myself. I would DEFINITELY come back here to spend a lot more time alone. It’s definitely on my books to potentially move here in the near future!


Time to head back home!


Astoria, Oregon


Welcome to Astoria!

Following a long, peaceful drive through the light rain and beautiful forests and mountains, we arrived in Astoria on the remote northwest coast of Oregon. Pulling into town, I had an odd feeling…something I haven’t felt in a long time…

This feeling was a feeling of “THIS! THIS is where I need to be!” The feeling only intensified by the moment. The further we drove into town and through the side streets, the more the feeling was confirmed!

A little side note: the way my brain works, I have a tendency to remember locations and directions in my mind whenever I’m visiting a place, it’s a habit from my previous work (memorise routes, know where all the exits and entrances are, etc). Once again, just like everyplace I have lived in the past, I found myself driving every single street and alley, memorising all the ins and outs and back alleys of a town, to get to know it as best I can.

Sure…everybody that travels always visits the “beaten path”. They hit the “tourist traps” that every single other person visits when they have no intention of living there. It’s only those who are truly in love with a place that will take the time and effort to slowly drive all the streets in town just….taking it all in!

After driving the town for several hours, I told the person I was with “We NEED to find somebody in town with a laser printer! I need to print out resumes and hit the streets!” So we found a small “mom and pop shoppe” who we offered $10 to print out a few copies of resumes and then hit several locations in town.

Cannon Beach


We stayed several days in the city then visited Cannon Beach on the way down to Silverton via the coast. This is the beach from the 1980’s movie “The Goonies”. The waves were incredibly powerful!


Next stop, Silverton, Oregon!

Portland, Oregon

Mt. Hood

We had the pleasure of visiting some family in the mountains of the Silverton, Oregon (USA) area this week. We haven’t been here for almost a decade, so the reunion was great!

We flew into Portland via Denver on Thursday afternoon and were immediately greeted by the traffic insanity on I-5 (the freeway that goes between Vancouver, Washington – a “bedroom community” (new phrase I learned!) where people live in Vancouver and then drive to Portland for work). Traffic was INSANE! We sat on a 6Km stretch of road that had 4 lanes for almost an hour just to get into Portland city for lunch at Portland City Grille, a restaurant in a tower with great views of the city and Mount Hood in the distance.

Portland City Grille

Following dinner, we stayed on an island in the middle of the Columbia River separating Washington from Oregon. The next day we were to head up to Astoria, Oregon!

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