The Works of Chalen Tretiakova

Who am I?

Красная Площадь

Красная Площадь


Hey everyone, just thought I would tell a little about myself and this blog to help you understand what it’s purpose is!

I spent the last many years in the US, working a civil-service job in the federal sector that I originally loved very much. I got to meet very interesting people on a daily basis, travel the world, and help out my country on the front lines of world events.  I worked with some amazing people and made some great friends and romances outside of work.

Unfortunately, I chose to end all that and give it all up in January 2015 when I decided to leave my work and return home to Russia, where I hadn’t been for a very long time. There is only so much hurt and pain one can take before you have to move on to heal…






So far, life has been great and I’m happy to be away from the yoke of my previous adventures. Using my photography skills from my previous life, I will be traveling Eastern Europe and Western Russia with my partner and documenting the old and wise, the CIS and Former Soviet Union architecture, as well as the expressions of abandonment and silence – the past the world has forgotten about.

Hе надо помнить, не надо ждать,
Hе надо верить, не надо лгать,
Hе надо падать, не надо бить,
Hе надо плакать, надо просто жить.





We currently have planned trips to Ukraine, including Kyiv, Pripyat, Odessa, Donbass, and Zaporizhia. Through our special contacts, we will be able to bring you pictures from restricted areas, forgotten places, and beautiful places forgotten by time.





On the way home, we will be going thru Crimea and then Volgograd again on the journey back to Moscow. We have other trips planned for Nizhny-Novgorod, St. Peterburg, Yaroslavl and Arkhangelesk in the near future once it warms up.





Keep checking back, or better yet, Follow this photoblog to stay updated!



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