The Works of Chalen Tretiakova

Looking up in Saint Peterburg “Смотреть вверх!”

There are certain cities I have come across in the past few years for work and photography, and even just for recreation and tourism, that stand out in my mind as being great for photography. Pitr is such the city that is beautiful for photography, with her amazing architecture and grand buildings.

An work old supervisor once told us:

“in this line of work, agents must know the ins and outs of every single city they are posted to – much more so than the local citizens. They must know the alleyways, the back doors, the hidden passageways and choke points – all the places where society either has forgotten or refuses to set foot…”

I think this quote also applies to the world of photography. Photographers aren’t content with the typical “street-level” pictures any tourist can take. We seek out the unseen – whether that shot we take is in obvious public view or hidden behind walls. It’s our job and passion to make the invisible, visible.

So many times in life, and especially in such the big city as Saint Peterburg, we walk along in our daily lives and look at our feet. Many times, people (and photographers alike) fail to look upwards and see the symmetry and beauty above us…

Looking up in Saint Peterburg "Смотреть вверх!"More pics here.


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