The Works of Chalen Tretiakova

Guardian Angel

We just arrived in Hamburg, Germany, but during the drive and our downtime, I’ve had lots of time to really think from the heart on this trip to Germany. This latest thought kept me awake last night.

The problem with being someone’s secret guardian angel is, that once you start down that road, it’s almost impossible to stop.  You can take care of someone’s education, health insurance, housing, you can watch them, or have them watched to keep them safe.

Guardian Angel

But then you try to ascertain their hopes, dreams and desires.  You pull strings – using your government connections and sway to call in favours to discretely smooth their path.  For the first few years, it works.  You draw some measure of virtue from being an invisible benefactor. But it doesn’t last…

Eventually, you realise it’s all a fraud.

It’s really not about them at all – it’s all about you.

You’re just going through the motions to salve your own guilt. But all the money, all the time and effort and favours, but all the things in the world cannot possibly reconcile and make up for the one thing you took away from them. Everything else is just a nice gesture.



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