The Works of Chalen Tretiakova

Spy vs. Spy

Dissimulating cloak – an apocryphal script

Ah, I see “I” the spy has stumbled upon new tricks

Disloyalty – The Perfidy – eye-witness – an errant scheme

Perhaps errant- perfidious? A joke! – I the spy got an eye full it seems.

A lie – a guise – eyesore – obvious & obscene

Lying to a liar, eye for an eye, I spy, seems fair to me Fairness?

Ashes to fire, eyes of the spy stare – choke with antipathy

Agent, you should care less – I echoed your morals – you’re the only psychopath for me.

Black-ops – My heart stops – deplorable – still I see this secret path. – spying on destiny

Special ops-special kind of special -no concern for collateral wrath, abandoned protocol, to spy on me.

An echo back – a laugh – I spy within your eyes at last – an encumbered immortality

A new attack -a giggle- encumbered within portal as well, charged for weaponized poetry

A sign to act – a symbol – rumored derision – in the cradle of hell – rediscover – unutilized Creativity

So with no further hesitation, regards to this investigation, endless determination : speak your goals to me.

I spy now, my confessor, my beautiful complication.

I spied from the noblest intentions.

I spied out of love and adoration, – entangled souls – a predetermined destiny without other goals.

I focused myopically.

This poet feared aggressor, set traps to lead to implication, no foresight for prevention.

Could’ve avoided some damnation- spiraled out of control – nothing’s predetermined with me.

I sensed it spy – I know you guy – but you’re crafty to a fault.

I know not why – or just in portal you lie – I take it with a grain of salt.

I followed some leads – confessed and made up false deeds – to lure you out somehow.

Your pen enslaved – up until bedave – how come I feel love for you now?

Ultimate entrapment – not taking the rap for it,

I will not turn myself in.

Your wire taps hint – level of ridiculous shit – same prison, different pen.

You’re a true romantic, through and through – have good intentions and I know it too.

I need you to see you’re coming at me, cape on back – understanding of the situation you lack.

Black and white files don’t show you meme.


These places – these faces – you so desperately seek to spare me from were salvation, took me in no hesitation, I call them my home I am struggling now, confused some how, of who’s right or who’s wrong.

Red handed you said – portaless tape red- now, you state where I belong.



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